David Arvidson For Minnesota Representative 46B
For Minnesota Representative 46B
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1) Education – By any means Necessary

Every tax dollar sent to educate our children, should do just that. For it to go to funding causes or candidates, is fundamentally wrong. Anytime, any entity does not support a “By any means necessary” philosophy to educate our children, I will oppose them.

Competition for our education related tax dollars is key to bettering our children’s Read More….

2) Smaller Government – We need it now

This is a typical example of Big Government starting off small.

“We just want to make you safe, so we want you to wear your seat belt, it’s a good idea, we won’t stop you or pull you over if you are not wearing a seat belt. If you happen to be speeding and we pull you over, we will note on the ticket that you not wearing a seat belt, but there will be no fine, so don’t worry.”


Click it or Ticket!

And who benefits the most? What special interest group benefits from you being safe?

The Auto mobile Insurance companies.

Has your car insurance rates gone down?

No they have not, we are getting in less fatal accidents, great, our insurance should go down.

Have they? NO, they have increased.

If I vote “No” on an issue, or abstain,    Read More……

3) Stadiums – And other big ticket rip offs

Freedom does not only include your right to seek “Life Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness” Freedom also includes for you to keep as much of your hard earned Money for yourself and your family as possible.

Big decisions about your Money and where it is spent is best decided by?

a) A Democrat

b) A Republican

c) None of the above

The answer of course is C, you!

Simple day to day decisions at the State Capital is why we have Representative government, a proxy for you, otherwise with so many people representing themselves nothing ever would get done. A State Rep generally is considered to be a part time, and for the most part, thankless job. Therefore, when a monstrous event, like deciding on what to do about a Vikings stadium comes to the table, it should be beyond the scope of legislatures to decide, that decision should be passed back to you on a ballot in the form of a referendum,      Read More……..

4) MN Dot

I am gonna cause MN Dot a lot of problems,

The State gas tax doubled from a nickel to a dime, and the roads have gotten worse, if it wasn’t for a mild winter we would be laughed at from other States because our pot holes would be big enough to fish in.

We would be better off taking those nickels our selves and just pitching them in the pot holes at least that way they would have something in them besides Carp.

Also Traffic lights, there is no way I should be driving the speed limit down a major thoroughfare like Highway 7 and hit a red light, Obama shut down NASA let’s get those out of work Rocket Scientist’s here to give us green lights.

5) Lower the drinking age to 19

That no one wants to touch this issue is ridiculous, everyone knows it should be lowered, but no one has the intestinal fortitude to champion the campaign, I do!

Any Veteran, including myself, will tell you

“If you are old enough to die for your country you sure as hell are old enough to have a beer”